Teacher Externships

Beardsley Farms

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Thursday, our faculty had the opportunity to visit Beardsley Community Farm. Beardsley is located at 1719 Reynolds Street and is an urban community farm that, in addition to donating food to the Family Crisis Center, Bridge Refugee Services, Knoxville Area Rescue Mission (KARM), and Western Heights Baptist Center, also educates the surrounding community on organic and sustainable urban gardening and provides tools and support to community members to assist them in growing their own food. We spent the first part of the morning touring the facility and asking questions and the latter part of the morning weeding the tomato beds.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

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Friday, we spent the morning touring Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. We started the day thinking that we would learn a lot about advanced manufacturing, and we did, but we also learned about teaching in the profession (Green Mtn does an extraordinary job educating, training, informing, and retaining their staff), sustainable living (Green Mtn is tackling the challenge of recyclable K-Cups and is constantly monitoring their environmental footprint), and homeland security (GMCR has to protect their product from any contamination–accidental or otherwise). After a year of learning and teaching our four career pathways (homeland security, advanced manufacturing, teaching as a profession, and sustainable living), we are still amazed at the extent to which the pathways are interconnected in all facets of industry.

Welcome Back!

Hello from all of us here at Career Magnet Academy! We are excited to be back for our second year. This is an exciting year for us for a number of reasons. First, because we added a new freshman class and retained our sophomore class, this is the only year our student population will double! The halls of CMA will be crowded with excitement as our founding class and our incoming freshmen tackle a new academic year. Here are some important impending dates:

  • New Family Intake (Call Cameron at 622-3838 to schedule an appointment):
    • Monday, July 27th @ 5:00
    • Thursday, July 30th @ 6:15
    • Kickoff Cookout: Thursday, September 24, 5-7
  • Freshman Orientation: Friday, August 7th, half-day
  • First Day for All Students: Monday, August 10th!