Updated Career Pathways at CMA @ PSCC

Pathway Charts

The charts below show the required coursework for each of the career pathways offered here at CMA. Below the attachments is a brief explanation of each of the pathways along with the criteria required to pursue them. For PSCC dual enrollment courses highlighted in orange and yellow on the “Plan A Registration Quick Chart,” type the course title into the PSCC Course Catalog.

Plan A Registration Quick Chart 

PLAN B Registration quick chart 15-16

PSCC degree chart for all pathways- Plan A and B

What are the four career pathways?

Our four career pathways are Homeland Security, Advanced Manufacturing, Teaching As a Profession, and Sustainable Living. Homeland Security contains two sub-pathways within it: Cyber Defense & Emergency Services. Sustainable Living also contains two sub-pathways: Sustainable Design & Agri-Economics.

What is the difference between Plan A and Plan B?

Each of the four pathways also has a Plan A and a Plan B.


Plan A consists of the pathways that lead scholars upstairs to take dual enrollment courses at Pellissippi State Community College and make significant progress towards an associate’s degree. In order to pursue Plan A, students must have a 3.0 GPA, meet ACT and Compass benchmarks, and must have the recommendation of a principal for attendance and behavior.


Plan B focuses on scholars earning their high school diploma along with possible work certifications. Students who do not meet the requirements for Plan A will automatically have to pursue Plan B.



Pathway Wednesdays

Tomorrow is an exciting day at Career Magnet Academy because it is the first day of Pathway Wednesdays! We are particularly excited about our pathway sessions this year because we have some new partners in education who have agreed to host our field experiences. We also have sophomore pathways this year where our tenth-grade scholars will spend the entire school year working on a pathway-specific PBL.

Thanks to Our Hosts and Helpers!

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Freshmen Pathways

During their freshmen year, our scholars are exposed to each of our four career pathways during five-week rotations. Each rotation culminates in a field experience which allows the freshmen the opportunity to see the pathways in action. After they have cycled through each of the four pathways, our freshmen are better able to make an informed choice for their pathway of focus come February 24th. Here are the field experiences every freshmen will have:

Each pathway also has guest speakers who come to share more information about their pathway and their particular work experiences. We are happy also to have Keurig Green Mountain on board in this capacity. After our freshmen declare their pathway of focus on February 18th, they will join the sophomore pathways to work on a pathway-specific PBL for the remainder of the year in preparation for our Pathway Showcase on April 21st. Stay tuned for pictures and information as our pathways progress!

Sophomore Pathways

Homeland Security: Our homeland security sophomores will be working with Mrs. Blevins and Mrs. Black to design an emergency response plan from the perspective of their homeland security career choice. Students will design and build a model of the segment of their city that is in distress and present and defend their response plans at the Pathway Showcase on April 21st. Both our sophomore and freshman homeland security pathways will have the honor of working with industry representatives from Sword & Shield Enterprise Security and from the Smoky Mountain Chapter of The American Society for Industrial Security.

Advanced Manufacturing: Our advanced manufacturing sophomores will work with Mrs. Rose on a number of projects. First, they will complete a ten-hour, online General Industry Safety Training to become OSHA certified and create a safety video to present to our freshmen advanced manufacturing pathway groups. Next, our advanced manufacturing scholars will work with East Tennessee Technology Access Center to modify toys for young people with disabilities.

Teaching As a Profession: Our teaching as a profession scholars will be visiting schools in the Knoxville area that are representative of a variety of educational approaches and philosophies including, but limited to, Montessori schools, charter schools, and Paideia schools. Our teaching as a profession scholars will get to meet and learn from experts in the field of education such as Dr. John Rysewyk, founding principal of Emerald Charter Schools and Buzz Thomas, president of Great Schools Partnership. For a culminating project, our teaching as a profession scholars will design their own school and classroom that is representative of their own educational philosophy.

Sustainable Living: Our sustainable living scholars will be leading a service learning PBL that addresses the driving question “How can we enhance the campus of PSCC and CMA to accomplish two goals: 1) Increase biological diversity 2) Create a place that encourages and inspires staff representatives and scholars?” We are looking forward to our scholars’ proposed solutions, and we cannot wait to see what they build on our campus! Stay tuned for pictures.