TWRA Fisheries PBL & Field Experience

On Valentine’s Day, Mr. Glenn and Mr. Blankenship took a group of our Sustainable Living scholars to the Erwin National Fish Hatchery in Erwin TN to retrieve rainbow trout eggs which they will hatch and raise in tanks here at CMA. Once the fish are big enough and healthy enough in the spring, our scholars will return to Erwin to release them into the wild! Thanks to TVA for donating the funds for our mini-hatchery here at CMA.


Pathway Mondays

As most of you probably know by now, CMA scholars attend a pathway class on Mondays. These classes allow our freshmen the opportunity to explore each of our four pathways in depth for five weeks so that they can make an informed pathway choice in March. Here’s a glimpse of some of the projects and activities happening around here on Mondays:

Homeland Security:

Mr. David Blevins talking to students about life as a first responder:

Advanced Manufacturing:

Mr. Anderson challenging students to mass produce tasty and appealingĀ hors d’oeuvres:

Teaching As a Profession:

Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Murdock teach our freshmen how to plan and execute a mini-lesson on something they are passionate about (lesson structure and pacing in action!):

Sustainable Living:

Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Shinlever challenging students to design sustainable structures around our CMA campus, including everything from sculptures to a drone landing pad!

Why Magnet?

We continue to celebrate Magnet Month here at CMA by featuring Hannah Shinzato’s original work. She says that magnet is the perfect balance between the analytical and the creative!

Open House Thursday, February 2nd @ 5:00

Please join us for our final open house of the 2016-2017 transfer period. Our address is 7171 Strawberry Plains Pike. All applications are due by 2/21/17. Apply here.


5:00-5:45 Presentation in the cafeteria

5:45-6:30 Tours & Student Pathway Presentations

6:30-7:00 Concurrent Student-Led Application Workshop / Q&A Session with Administrators

CMA Scholars Answer the Question “Why Magnet?”

February is National Magnet Month, so we are featuring original work from CMA scholars answering the question “Why Magnet?” Today’s submission is from Gaelen Reid who is in the Cyber-Security pathway:

Why Magnet?

Career Magnet is one of those places where you can meet people from different parts of Knox County, but I came here to experience and change minds and souls forever by doing everything my friends back home said was impossible and by putting this school on the map by getting that two-year degree. But the main thing is this school has good people and you feel like a college student and you are treated like one. When I started at this school I made friends like that, and now those friends either call me Fluffy or Mato. But this school brings something no other school in America brings, love and passion for one another and caring for friends, even if it’s a bad day we still care about each other. So that is why I chose Career Magnet Academy because there is life and love at this school. We will never let that die out because inside us there is always going to be a Grey Wolf.