What Is Success?

Maybe it’s because I’ve got advanced manufacturing on the brain, but this week I connected with a quote from Henry Ford who said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” This week at CMA, we’ve done a little bit of all of these things.

First, the building, as well as our faculty/staff, are “coming together.” Every day is more exciting than the last, and each day our building looks more like home. This week saw the dry wall being hung, paint being applied (see the blue/grey in attached pic), and internet cords being routed, as well as the ordering of furniture and the hiring of a few last coveted positions at CMA.

In the interest of “keeping together,” Mr. Faulconer, Mrs. Stowers, and I have been working tirelessly to plan out our first few exciting weeks of professional development which include such events as a tour of the 911 call center, a tour of the Knoxville Botanical Gardens, and a day of team building at the ropes course at Maryville College, just to name a few!

Finally, CMA has already provided all of us with opportunity of “working together” with people from a variety of fields, interests, and experiences. Today alone, I got to speak to a landscape designer, a mechanical engineer and president of Pro Nova R&D and Manufacturing, and an advertising executive. We cannot wait to continue our work with all of you in the coming weeks! Stay tuned next week to learn about more exciting events and developments at CMA!

If Henry Ford is correct, we’ve begun our work here at CMA with resounding success, and we expect nothing but success stories to continue to define us as we move forward.

–Cameron Molchan, Magnet Facilitator

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