Updated Career Pathways at CMA @ PSCC

Pathway Charts

The charts below show the required coursework for each of the career pathways offered here at CMA. Below the attachments is a brief explanation of each of the pathways along with the criteria required to pursue them. For PSCC dual enrollment courses highlighted in orange and yellow on the “Plan A Registration Quick Chart,” type the course title into the PSCC Course Catalog.

Plan A Registration Quick Chart 

PLAN B Registration quick chart 15-16

PSCC degree chart for all pathways- Plan A and B

What are the four career pathways?

Our four career pathways are Homeland Security, Advanced Manufacturing, Teaching As a Profession, and Sustainable Living. Homeland Security contains two sub-pathways within it: Cyber Defense & Emergency Services. Sustainable Living also contains two sub-pathways: Sustainable Design & Agri-Economics.

What is the difference between Plan A and Plan B?

Each of the four pathways also has a Plan A and a Plan B.


Plan A consists of the pathways that lead scholars upstairs to take dual enrollment courses at Pellissippi State Community College and make significant progress towards an associate’s degree. In order to pursue Plan A, students must have a 3.0 GPA, meet ACT and Compass benchmarks, and must have the recommendation of a principal for attendance and behavior.


Plan B focuses on scholars earning their high school diploma along with possible work certifications. Students who do not meet the requirements for Plan A will automatically have to pursue Plan B.