What is the Career Magnet Academy?

What is the Career Magnet Academy?

My name is Cameron Molchan, and I am the magnet facilitator for the Career Magnet Academy, a new Knox County magnet school which opened in the fall of 2014 on the Pellissippi State Community College Strawberry Plains campus. Because of our affiliation with PSCC, our CMA scholars have the rare opportunity to earn an advanced certification and/or to make significant progress towards an associate degree in their chosen field of study by the time they graduate from our high school.

At CMA we offer four career pathways, two of which have “sub-pathways” within them from which our scholars must choose. The four pathways of study that we offer are Homeland Security (Criminal Justice OR Cyber-security), Advanced Manufacturing (Industrial Maintenance), Teaching as a Profession, and Sustainable Living (Sustainable Development OR Agri-economics). By the time they are juniors and seniors in high school, many of our students will be taking much of their coursework with the college students at PSCC.

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    1. Yes. We have a Winter Formal every February (this year’s is actually this Friday), and we will have a prom as soon as we have our first senior class (2017-2018 academic year).

        1. Hi Hunter,
          Transportation is provided by Knox Co. Schools. Our students ride school buses to their zoned high schools where they are met by a CMA bus that brings them to school. Because it takes our students a little longer to get here, we do not start school until 9:30.

    1. We actually have opened a summer application window until July 1st as we still have twenty seats to fill.

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